Top 5 anime to watch if you loved Shield Hero

Just finished watching Shield Hero? Here are five more isekai anime to consider binging

by Jian Ern

Did Shield Hero scratch that Isekai itch you’ve been having? Or has it left you craving for more? While the series’ third season was announced in 2019 and is likely to cover the Fallen Heroes arc, it’s still a ways away, so where can you find another helping of that isekai goodness while waiting for the next instalment?

The Isekai genre is an oversaturated, sub-category of anime that has divided fans into two camps – those that adore it and those who are sick and tired of it. That’s because an infinite number of isekai anime exist, and many of them are cheap knockoffs of other popular shows of the genre.

But if you liked Rising of the Shield Hero, many of the titles listed below share common themes; for example, the hero progresses from being weak to eventually becoming the strongest. Here’s our top five.

Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World

Released: Spring 2016
Episodes: 25
Platform: Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Crunchyroll

Similar to Shield Hero, Re: Zero is the story of your typical average NEET, a person who is not in education, employment, or training, who is teleported to a fantasy world. Subaru Natsuki, our protagonist, is cursed with the ability to revive, after being killed, at particular checkpoints in his journey.

Having only limited revival attempts, it’s a race against the clock to solve the many mysteries – his ability to resurrect as well as the perpetrators of his numerous murders. In seeking the perfect solution to every problem, he stops at nothing to achieve the future that he desires, at times even triggering his ability through suicide.

Subaru’s deaths and subsequent revivals are first hinted to function like checkpoints in a video game, where death returns him to an earlier starting point, where he gets to try again. However, it is later implied that the comrades he leaves behind have to pick up the pieces when he dies. What does it all mean?

But like Shield Hero, Re: Zero explores the darker side of fantasy worlds, and there’s an emphasis on building relationships as a key to progressing the narrative. Even Naofumi and Natsuki are similar, displaying perseverance and great resolve in overcoming insurmountable odds as they transition from a naive goody-two-shoes character into an anti-hero figure. And there’s the presence of God-tier waifus that soak up all the negative emotions and make the world feel somewhat more hospitable.

That Time I Got Reincarnated Into a Slime

Released: Fall 2018
Episodes: 24
Platforms: Apple TV, Netflix, Crunchyroll

Satoru Mikami was your average salary man working his average job before he was pulled into a new world where he is reincarnated into the weakest lifeform possible, a slime creature. In most video games a slime is considered a tutorial enemy and the easiest mob to kill in almost every fantasy game ever. But here’s the twist – the slime has the ability to devour everything and assimilate their powers. By acquiring the strength of those around him, he plans to succeed in this new world and become the strongest slime in existence.

Where they came from, Naofumi and Satoru were considered weak and ordinary but with hard work they endure and persevere to become the strongest in their present world, embarking on dangerous adventures to fight evils and live out their ideals. Both garnered massive followings and rose to popularity among hardcore fans of the Isekai genre.

The heroes level up and progress just like how we would in an RPG, so watching the video game aspects of the fantasy world come into play is just so immersive.

So I’m a Spider, So What?

Released: July 2021
Episodes: 24
Platforms: Crunchyroll, Netflix

If you live in Australia, you might be used to dangerous eight-legged monstrosities roaming about your house without the best intentions for your general well-being, but for the rest of us, we can’t stand the thought of these creepy crawlies, period. If you love spiders, this is the anime for you, and if you hate spiders, this show will make you love them anyway.

Our protagonist, Shiraori, is a victim of an accident in her high school and reincarnated as a dungeon spider. Initially struggling as a nameless baby spider, she finds creative ways to utilise her strengths to become the world’s most dangerous creature. Ignorant of her own significance to the world, she unintentionally causes much destruction to the world above – to her mind, she is just minding her own business. Fans of Isekai will find a lot to love in this charming anime.

Much like Naofumi, Shiraori is often misunderstood and shunned by the general public. The show also operates around video-game aspects such as skill acquisition, the concept of levelling up and class choices.

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

Released: Spring 2015-2020
Episodes: 36 (3 seasons)
Platforms: Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix

Also called Danmachi, this anime is adapted from a light novel boasting the same title. A 14-year-old lad named Bell Cranel sets out to become the best adventurer in the realm of Orario, fighting strong monsters and levelling up.

He meets Hestia, a gorgeous goddess in charge of developing Bell’s abilities. They assist one another to achieve their objectives; Bell strives to develop himself while Hestia wants to prove herself to her peers. As their relationship progresses, she begins to express her profound affection for him.

Like The Rising of the Shield Hero, this RPG-esque anime is filled with fantasy, action, and epic adventures in lush settings, and the growth of Bell’s character is something to look forward to.

Log Horizon

Released: Spring 2015-2020
Episodes: 64
Platforms: Netflix, Crunchyroll, Prime Video

After the most recent update to the well-known MMORPG Elder Tale, thirty thousand confused Japanese players found themselves instantly transported inside the game’s universe without being able to log out. Shiroe, a socially inept university student, is one of them. His astonishment and dismay are brief since he is a seasoned player and goes out right away to investigate the boundaries of his new reality.

To restore stability to the virtual metropolis of Akihabara, Shiroe must adapt to live in this new environment while leading others and interacting with the NPC “natives.” He is joined by Akatsuki, a small but ferocious assassin who claims Shiroe as her master, and Naotsugu, his unhappy buddy who had logged in for the first time in years only to find himself stuck. Log Horizon, a story of fantasy, exploration, and diplomacy, examines the aspects of gaming through the perspective of a skilled tactician who tries to make the most of a perplexing circumstance. The difficulty of creating a new community and making sure everyone lives in peace is not to be downplayed.

Starting off as essentially another typical MMORPG-based isekai, Log Horizon quickly distinguishes itself through its incredibly clever writing. The action sequences are well-placed and despite the slower pace, Log Horizon is one of the most clever and fascinating Isekai ever created. There are presently two seasons available, and a third is forthcoming.

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