Netflix 2021 is stacked with movies

The streaming giant looks set to release a movie every week.

by Justin Choo

Netflix is starting 2021 with a bang indeed, promising a new movie every week. Not every day can anyone drop a media release that simply lists what’s coming soon as the pitch – it just writes itself.

The streaming giant is operating as though COVID-19 never happened and has to date already released three movies – What Happened to Mr. Cha? (Korean comedy), Pieces of a Woman (English drama which stars Shia LeBeouf) and Stuck Apart (Turkish drama).

Variety is certainly the name of the game here, though some familiar names will be coming in the form of Red Notice, which stars Gal Gadot, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and Ryan Reynolds (release date TBA). Tick, Tick, … Boom! (release date TBA), marks Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda’s directorial debut, while Don’t Look Up (release date TBA) has an insane cast that includes Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo Di Caprio, Chris Evans and Timothée Chalamet – just to name a few. And since it’s about the end of the world, Jonah Hill is in, of course.

We’re certainly only scratching the surface here and there are certainly plenty more where that came from; I for one, am looking forward to Army of the Dead because it sounds like a Geroge Romero film. Except that it’s a Zach Snyder film, and it’s not a zombie flick – it’s a zombie heist flick. (Yeah, you see my point now)

But a little closer to the present, I Care A Lot (Feb 19) is a promising one with familiar faces. It’s a dark comedy starring straight-faced Peter Dinklage and the dependable Rosamund Pike who will try to out swindle each other. So strap up and keep that browser open, but resist the urge to watch one more.

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