Second trailer reveals Loki movie to be a multiverse-fixing caper

Looks like Loki and TVA are teaming up to fix some fallouts from Endgame.

by Justin Choo

The second trailer for Loki has just dropped and it’s far more interesting than the first.

While the first trailer introduced the Time Variance Authority (TVA) to audiences, the new trailer reveals a little more about what they do and more of Owen Wilson’s Mobius.

The TVA exists to ‘protect the proper flow of time’. If you recall in Endgame, Loki picked up the Tesseract and promptly escaped captivity, hinting at some cosmic-level mischief to unfold. It’s implied that the ramifications of Loki’s actions will be revealed in Loki, as Mobius states that Loki had broken reality and he wants Loki to help them fix it.

Also teased is the fact that the TVA is dealing with multiple Lokis in the multiverse as Mobius hints at a need for (our) Loki’s perspective, and Mobius was asked if he believes in this Loki variant.

If it’s a whole movie of Owen Wilson trying to trust Tom Hiddlestone and the latter trying to doublecross the former, then it should be a pretty entertaining, albeit offbeat, summer showing when it releases on Disney+ this June 11.

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