XM Studios’ new 19,000 sq. ft store is a collectables paradise

Watch the hours just fly by as you examine each and everyone of their intricately made figurines.

by Justin Choo

Remember those incredibly detailed superhero statues that you see exhibited at local shows and booths over the years? Well, there’s a good to fair chance that they were made by homegrown designers XM Studios.

They’ve just launched their first flagship concept store at Kitchener Complex, a sprawling 19,000 sq. ft space that is home to over 300 collectable statues that were designed in-house.

The store also features themed sections set aside for the various comics universes – DC, Marvel, Transformers, and even Japanese stalwarts Ultraman and Godzilla. It’s the perfect spot for a bit of toy photography as well.

At the DC pod, you can check out the entire Samurai line, which features the reimagined caped detective together with his allies and foes in feudal Japan. At the Marvel pod, you can expect the usual suspects such as Captain America, Thor, even Hulkbuster Iron Man and a spectacularly huge War Machine. You can also see two new large busts of Optimus Prime and Megatron at the Transformers corner. You won’t miss them for sure – they span a height of almost one metre.

You will also be able to see some new designs appearing for the very first time, including Spider-Man – Absolute Carnage and the highly anticipated Avengers – Maestro (Exclusive) inspired by Marvel characters and DC’s Death Metal – Batman Who Laughs.

The store will also have floor space dedicated to events and popups, a lifestyle space of curated items, ranging from limited edition and vintage designer pieces to streetwear brands. Last but not least, there’s also an in-house speciality coffee and artisanal gelato bar (99 Coffee and Gelato Bar) so you need not head elsewhere for refreshments.

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