2K refreshes NBA 2K Mobile in time with new for the start of Season Four

2K refreshes its NBA franchise game with new contextual content for the hardcore NBA fan.

by Justin Choo

NBA 2K Mobile is now into Season 4 and with it comes updated player likenesses and jerseys, card stats to reflect the upcoming NBA season, and more.

Sports games these days aren’t the simple pick up and go distractions anymore, and this one’s no different. NBA 2K Mobile features a new updated mechanic to unlock exclusive rewards called Courtside Pass. On top of the regular free track, it offers an additional premium track of rewards to earn and claim every day during the first 25 days of the month.

The updated roster features hundreds of new NBA Basketball Cards from the current generation of players like Damian Lillard to all-time stars like Shaquille O’Neal.

‘The Stat Line’ is a beefed-up version of The Checklist (dailies), and 2K says you can earn even more coins via daily, weekly and monthly objectives, plus objectives for theme events. The tasks aren’t fixed in terms of activity and frequency to keeps things fresh, and range from gameplay, card collecting and so on. Also new is Stat Points, which is a new way to compare accomplishments to other players.

October also sees the introduction of a new limited-time event called Power Cap, where you strategically pick cards across five different leagues and try and top a leaderboard to earn Event Points, Milestone Awards, and more.

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