Check out the epic Gran Turismo 7 activation at Ten Square building

The car vending machine display features some of the hottest cars in the game.

by Justin Choo

Gran Turismo 7 has just arrived with a bang.

There are activations, and then there are activations. With Gran Turismo 7 , Playstation Asia certainly went the whole hog to celebrate the launch of the new game and presumably to commemorate the franchise’s 25th anniversary – I’m pretty sure someone literally threw a kitchen sink somewhere in there.

This weekend, head down to Ten Square building if you are in the area (or even when you’re not) to check out the car vending machine display that they’ve put together to celebrate the launch of Gran Turismo 7. The massive ‘display’ showcases 14 of the hottest cars in the game, and is the textbook definition of ‘just because’.

The display will be up till Monday so do catch it before then. If you love your cars and the Gran Turismo franchise then this is one for the (virtual) scrapbooks. And of course, there are several stations for you to try out Gran Turismo 7, including two fully-featured cockpits for the complete driving simulator experience.

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