PlayStation drop a new update for PS5 for a host of useful features

PS5 External storage support, co-op play between PS4 and PS5 user are some of the highlights.

by Justin Choo

PS5 gets its first major software update today, and there are a couple of useful features that have been introduced.


You can now use an external drive via USB (minimum USB 3.0) to expand your console’s storage capacity.

It doesn’t change the fact that you still need to copy your games onto your console to play them because high speed data transfer is needed to keep up. You can check the full list of requirements here . The console will also download the latest updates automatically.

To save space on your onboard storage, you can also install just the game modes you want (e.g. campaign or multiplayer) for titles supporting the option.

It’s not perfect, but this is perhaps the least painful of all the painful ways to juggle storage. PlayStation has also reiterated that the PS5 will eventually support M.2 drives for storage in future.

Other quality of life improvements include:

  • Quicker access to important features in Game Base, such as improved ease in switching between Parties and Friends, so you can chat with existing parties and then check out what your online friends are up to.
  • Ability to disable Game Chat or Adjust (other) Players’ Volume.
  • When automatic updates setting is enabled, your game will download the latest update immediately upon the release to minimise downtime, even when the console is at rest.
  • Customisable Game Library, with the ability to search and hide games from view.
  • Adjust magnification of screen (Screen Zoom).
  • Ability to choose level of trophies to trigger automatic screenshot or video clip capture
  • A new Trophy Stats summary screen.

PS5 and PS4

You can share screen or play with friends across one console generation. Image: PSN Blog

You can share screen or play with friends across one console generation. Image: PSN Blog

A selection of joinable game sessions will now appear on your consoles. Players of both consoles can also Share Play together in party chats – i.e. PS4 players can view their friend’s PS5 game screen, play co-op, or even try out the games, and vice versa.

PlayStation App

The PlayStation app recently received a number of updates: the ability to save products in a wish list, receiving notifications when your friends go online, and the ability to change your console online status.

New features include the ability to join a multiplayer session on PS5 via the app, manage storage on your PS5, compare or flex trophy collections with friends, and sort and filter products in the PlayStation Store.

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