Razer brings its Analog Optical tech to the 60% Huntsman Mini

The hybrid analog-optical switches offer the promise of finer controls for games like Fortnite.

by Justin Choo

The Razer Huntsman Mini Analog is their first compact 60% keyboard with proprietary Analog Optical switches.

What this means is that you get more control over sensitivity settings, primarily in the form of adjustable analog sensitivity presets, and ‘double keymapping’ for digital/analog inputs.

The switches, which resemble the traditional mechanical switch with its longer range (traditional Cherry MX switches bottom out after 4mm of travel) allows for a range of possible actuation points.

Razer’s Analog Optical switch has an actual range of 1.5mm to 3.6mm, so you can set an actuation point somewhere in between. The switches actuate according to the amount of light that passes through as the switch travels downward, and this also allows for analog control, giving WASD controls finer movement, potentially giving you more control in racing games or flight simulators – provided that the game supports analog input and the game does not disable inputs from keyboard keys and mouse when an analog input device is detected.

The ability to assign two actuation points in a switch makes it possible to assign two functions to a single key depending on how hard you press it; it’s possible to walk and sprint on a single button in an FPS depending on how far you push down on the key.

It all sounds very well and good, but bear in mind that that 4mm is roughly the width of the cotton swab that comes with the average ART kit. This means that a lot of fine control is involved – and an extended period of learning – if you are going to make the most of the tech on board. It’s kind of like Diago Umehara switching over from a conventional joystick to the Hitbox to be able to pull off sonic booms and flash kicks in the tightest of windows in Street Fighter.

The Hunstman Mini Analog features an aluminium frame and Doubleshot PBT keycaps for durability. The aluminium adds rigidity while the PBT plastic legends will not fade while the plastic is notoriously difficult to wear to a shine. The USB-C cable is detachable as well to improve portability.

Priced at $229.90 the Huntsman Mini Analog is now available at the Razer Store and will also be available at Lazada and Shopee soon.

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