Seize the Throne: Turn your daily grind into exclusive avatars

Sony Playstation's latest Playstation Challenge also features grand prizes including an unobtanium PlayStation 5 console.

by Justin Choo

If you’re a Playstation gamer, here’s a way to maximise your gaming time. Seize the Throne is a new Playstation Challenge where the Playstation community play collectively towards a series of shared goals that culminate in dethroning the King.

If you don’t buy into the whole narrative underlying the mechanic, at least know that you can earn prizes just by playing and interacting consistently. More specifically, by playing games, earning Trophies and sharing your gaming highlights (using Share features) on your PS4 or PS5.

The Challenge is divided into stages and each Stage has its own Community Goal. The points you accumulate points will contribute to the current Stage’s Community Goal.

To get in, sign up with your PlayStation Network account to be eligible for the next stage. If you don’t have an account for PlayStation Network, sign up here . If you sign up before the stage starts, you will win exclusive PSN avatars or PS4 themes for every Community Goal reached.

Once the Stage commences, you will start earning points that contribute to Community Goals and you will be eligible for the rewards once the criteria are met. Rewards for reaching each stage goal will be delivered via PS4 and PS5 system notifications approximately two days after each Stage ends.

Grand prizes

On November 18th at 02:00 AM local time, three skill-based questions will be released on this page . There’s a prize attached to each question, and the player who gives the closest correct answer will win:

  • PlayStation 5 console (for Question One, 35 available; one per country)
  • King’s PlayStation Shapes ring set (for Question Two, 3 available; one per SIE region)
  • PULSE 3D wireless headset and $100 PlayStation Store gift card. (for Question Three, 35 available; one per country)

Points and Goals

Here’s how you accumulate points:

  • Playing a game = 10 points
  • Playing a game online with a friend = 15 points
  • Using Share features = 5 points
  • Earning a bronze Trophy = 5 points
  • Earning a silver Trophy = 10 points
  • Earning a gold Trophy = 20 points
  • Earning five Trophies in a single game = 25 additional points

And here are the goals:

  • Stage one: Reach the King’s tower
    • Goal: 25,000,000 points
    • Prize for reaching target: Two exclusive PSN avatars
  • Stage two: Access the inner chambers
    • Goal: 100,000,000 points
    • Prize for reaching target: Five exclusive PSN avatars
  • Stage three: Breach the throne room
    • Goal: 160,000,000 points
    • Prize for reaching target: Three exclusive PSN avatars and one PS4 dynamic theme

Full details of the rules and the conditions for earning points can be found here .

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