Spy Within Among Us or Among Us there’s a Spy Within?

Fortnite isn't spared from Among Us fever too. Not sus at all.

by Justin Choo

It was inevitable, and now, it’s here: The Spy Within is a Limited Time Mode for Fortnite that is in essence, Among Us, but played within Fortnite.

The mechanics of the gameplay are identical in almost every way: 10 players start on an island, knowing only which team they are on, and the two designated spies have to take out everyone else before they complete their objectives. Nobody can speak to anyone in voice chat unless a meeting is called when something suspicious happens. Discussions go down and accusations fly, and by the end of the session, someone might get voted out, correctly or incorrectly.

Yup, basically Among Us with extra steps then.

But why not, it’s a nice change of scenery and also a good way for Epic Games to show off their collaboration with the Houseparty app and enable video chats in-game with Fortnite mode – if you are on PC, PS4 or PS5. The downside to this is that you’ll need to use your mobile device as the camera so you have to set it up as such.

You’ll also receive a Rainbow Fog Wrap for your troubles when you link your accounts. And if you complete The Spy Within Challenge Pack, you’ll unlock the event exclusive skate deck variant, among other things. Sus away, then.

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