UNIQLO releases new Pokémon-themed apparel this October

Meguru Yamaguchi and James Jarvis lend their considerable talents to the new collection.

by Justin Choo

If you’ve been enjoying Pokémon Unite and are still hyped, you can consider jumping on the swag train this October when UNIQLO releases its new line of Pokémon-themed apparel.

The collection consists of T-shirts and sweatshirts for kids and adults alike, and let it be said that no one will shame you for twinning in these circumstances.

For this upcoming release , Meguru Yamaguchi and James Jarvis are the collaborative artists who will lend their creative touch to the Pokémon Meets Artists UT collection.

Yamaguchi is a New York-based Japanese artist known for his signature traditional brush strokes. He’s best known for the piece, OUT OF BOUNDS.

Jarvis is a multi-faceted London-based artist with a diverse output of work ranging from cartoons to sculpture and printmaking. While Yamaguchi uses dowing lines to show battle, Jarvis goes the playful route and present new sides to the Pokémon universe.

The adults’ line-up will release on 25 October while the kids’ range will go on sale later this year. Prices start from $14.90 for the kids’ tees and $19.90 for adults’ tees.

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