Mother’s Day feature: gadgets to make her life easier

It's that time of the year again to splurge on mum, and here's our pick.

by Justin Choo

For some, Mother’s Day is often a day where children try to get their mums to try out new tech that will make their life easier (or am I projecting here?). Nonetheless, here’s a list of suggestions for gadgets that they might be receptive to.

Mi Air Purifier Pro H

While it’s unlikely for you to be infected by COVID-19 in the comfort of your own home, having a device at home that helps reduces chances does sound reassuring all the same. The Mi Air Purifier has become an unlikely ‘classic’ of sorts, offering decent performance for the money. It’s the HEPA filter that’s responsible for capturing the virus, on top of purifying the air in the usual fashion. It’s not to say that you can talk to an infected person in close quarters with no risk of infection, but the idea that cleaner air makes for a better quality of life. If your mum hates the idea of yet another app-driven device to fumble around with – don’t worry, it works just as fine without. $399

Arlo Essential Indoor Camera

Home security cameras are easier to set up than ever, and your mum would appreciate a system that’s not difficult to set up (aka for you, because most likely you have to set it up for her) and has multiple monitoring features that she can easily use. It works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, so you can integrate that into her network if she has one. And if mum has an Apple Watch, she can receive alerts as well. The value of a surveillance camera can’t be understated, and the Arlo can also be set up to monitor frisky pets at home or less than considerate neighbours who leave inconveniences at your doorstep. There’s no price tag too big for peace of mind. $199

Ruhens V water purifier

Our water may be safe to drink straight from the tap, but anyone who’s stuck a sock filter over the tap knows how dirty those things can get. Your mum is one of them, and she’ll appreciate a fully-featured water purifier such as this Ruhens V. It connects directly to a source, so you don’t have to worry about constantly refilling the dispenser. The Ruhens V uses a filtration system that removes waterborne micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses. It will also reduce sediment particles and absorbs organic chemicals like chlorine and reduces bad taste and odours. The Ruhens V also has many convenient features like the ability to dispense at five temperatures hot or cold, automated UV self-cleaning, and a filter change indicator. $2,459 exc. GST

Belkin Soundform Elite

Created in partnership with Devialet, the creators of unique speaker systems like the Phantom, the Soundform Elite is a wireless charger and smart speaker combo that’s perfect for music-loving mums. This audiophile-grade smart speaker uses Devialet’s Speaker Active Matching tech to deliver a full range of sound while its signature dual woofer design produces powerful bass without unnecessary vibrations. It supports Google Assistant as well, so this speaker can be integrated into an existing stable of multi-room speakers. $499

Garmin Lily

It’s small enough to look like a proper watch (34.5mm) for small wrists and it’s styled like one as well. Whether you go with a leather strap or a silicone band, it still looks like a watch you pickup up to match your outfit rather than a fitness-themed item. The Garmin Lily may not have a colour screen but that plays into its classic watch aesthetic and allows for long, five-day battery life. More importantly, it has a full suite of tracking sensors to measure heart rate, VO2 Max, and blood oxygen levels. It also has a host of tracking features to monitor stress levels, respiration, sleep and menstrual cycles, among other things. From $289

Apple iPhone 12 Mini/Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

Yes, it seems a little silly if the prerequisite for selecting a phone is purely down to its colour but the iPhone is always a safe buy, and more importantly, it’s a testament to how appealing the shade of purple is on the Apple iPhone 12 Mini (from $1,149); it’s in between lavender and baby blue, and arguably takes the best of both worlds. While the iPhone 12 and the mini version don’t have the full accoutrement of camera goodies, the cameras are more or less on par with their higher-priced siblings for casual photo-taking. The Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G Phantom Violet (from $1,428) is also a capable alternative, if not more so, offering a triple-camera array with a 64MP sensor that is also capable of recording 8K video, albeit at a higher price point. It, too, gets the checkmark for its tasteful take on purple-themed phones. From $1,149

Master & Dynamic MW08

It’s not a household name that your mother will recognise, but she will be thankful that you do. Master & Design is one of the best in the business right now who can claim that its headphones sound as good as they look, and the MW08 is an elegant true wireless headphone with universal appeal. It features Beryllium (often regarded as one of the best cone materials you can use) Drivers for richer sound, external aluminium antenna to improve wireless connections, while the steel charging case and ceramic faceplates (for the earbuds) simply ooze class. €299

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