Apple Magic Keyboards with Touch ID are now available separately

Touch ID enabled keyboards go on sale, but you need an M1 Mac to make the feature work.

by Justin Choo

Good news: the new Apple Magic Keyboards that were designed for the new iMac, have just been released for standalone purchase.

The bad news? Unlike the new iMacs, there are no colour options.

Apple’s release includes three Magic Keyboards – the base model Magic Keyboard ($129), the base model with Touch ID ($199), and one with a numeric keypad and Touch ID ($239).

Having Touch ID on the keyboard makes secure transactions and logins far more convenient, though it has to be stressed that this feature only works with M1-powered Macs and Macbooks.

The Magic Trackpad ($169) and Magic Mouse ($99) have also been updated and the trackpad now matches the design of the latest keyboard.

The new accessories have been designed to last a month or more before needing a charge, and they now come packaged with a woven USB-C to Lightning Cable.

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