EPOS enterprise headsets and conferencing tools make their debut here

EPOS arrives with a host of solutions for the work from home workforce.

by Justin Choo

For the average person, EPOS is a name that will probably evoke quizzical looks. That, and the fact that they have a curious mix of professional and gaming headset and microphone solutions, only invites questions about their origins. Fortunately, you need not worry about their credentials, because EPOS was formerly a collaboration between Demant and Sennheiser before they went independent.

The brand makes its first appearance in Singapore with the ADAPT, EXPAND and IMPACT series of solutions to cater to the now-normal work from home and hybrid work culture. Here’s a brief rundown of their lineup as well as some devices.

ADAPT Series

EPOS offers a wide range of headset solutions under the ADAPT line : ADAPT 100, ADAPT 200, ADAPT 300, ADAPT 400, ADAPT 500 and ADAPT 600. The 100 series covers more traditional wired headset solutions, while wireless solutions start from the 200 series upwards.

The ADAPT series has two patented tech to improve the call experience: EPOS Voice and EPOS ActiveGard. EPOS Voice comes standard on all models and improves speech intelligibility through an acoustic lens that focuses on your speech. EPOS ActiveGard is available from the 200 series onwards and is designed to prevent acoustic injury to your ears because of sudden bursts of loud sounds.

The ADAPT 261 ($269) is a lightweight, wireless headset that showcases both of these tech and is designed for multiple-device use. It is Microsoft Teams certified and UC optimised.


The EXPAND series (EXPAND Vision 3T, EXPAND 30T, EXPAND 80T, EXPAND 80 Mic) covers collaboration tools, ranging from microphones to full-fledged video conferencing systems.

The EXPAND Vision 3T ($1,288, includes one SP 30 speaker) is one such video conferencing system, designed for small meeting rooms and supported with audio with the EXPAND 30T or SP 30. Designed to be easy to use and supports Microsoft Teams.

The EXPAND 80 ($1,199) is UC optimised (80T variant officially supports Microsoft Teams). It features six adaptive, beamforming microphones and DSP to isolate voices from room reverb and ambient noise to improve the voice clarity of the speaker.

The EXPAND 80 Mic ($299) has a premium, minimalist aesthetic and features high-quality materials and sound-enhancing fabric by Kvadrat.

IMPACT 5000 Series

The Impact line was designed with an emphasis on comfort and clear speech for those who need to speak all day, be it at a call centre or a normal office environment.

The plug-and-play SDW5061 is equipped with a two-microphone noise-cancelling system and speech enhancement tech and boasts a wireless range (DECT) of up to 180 metres.

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