LumiHealth introduces more programs to help you manage your weight with an Apple Watch

Healthy Weight Habits makes building a sustainable daily regimen that much easier.

by Justin Choo

LumiHealth is introducing new programs to focus on weight management, possibly (definitely) one of the most challenging of healthy habits to form.

The year-old program is a collaboration between the Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) and Apple to encourage Singaporeans to live healthier and take control of their health by leveraging the Apple Watch.

To date, LumiHealth has also served over 7 million challenges, and according to numbers provided by Apple (from users who opted in to share their stats), users on average have increased their daily exercise minutes by over 39 per cent compared to the month before the program, while low-activity users (daily average calories burnt is less than 37.5 percent required for basic functions at rest) increased their exercise minutes by over 88 per cent after nine months. The challenges include exercises for mental wellbeing, of which LumiHealth has served over 3 million.

The new Healthy Weight Habits program offers eligible users a choice of curated nutrition and activity challenges, as well as reminders for regular weight check-ins. The program, which is personalised, runs for 30 days, after which users will have the option to repeat it. If you are less active, you will be offered activity challenges that are easier to complete. These activities will be tracked on Apple Watch with the goal of helping you gradually level up your activity.

And as part of the first year celebrations, existing users who refer new participants using the in-app referral feature will be given 10,000 points, which is five times the usual number. New participants will be given 10,000 points to make it easier for them to start earning rewards.

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