The Jabra Evolve2 75 might be a headset you’d be happy to commute with

With the boom concealed, it looks like just any other headphone. But it's actually a fully-featured UC device.

by Justin Choo

If you told me 10 years ago that I’d be seeing a deluge of call-optimised headsets in 2021 I would have thought you’re a headset nerd. But it’s the sign of the times that the humble headset is perhaps one of the most important peripherals in your toolkit. It takes a pandemic for us to learn that using a bargain-basement headset every day is simply excruciating.

Like other headset releases this year, the Jabra Evolve2 75 is an enterprise-class headset optimised for leading Unified Communications platforms and hybrid working conditions. It’s also the first in the Evolve range to offer fully adjustable ANC, an essential feature for working from home.

Improved ergonomics

The ergonomics of the headset have also been reworked to facilitate long hours of wear. The earcups feature a dual foam structure – hard exterior, soft interior – to maximise sound isolation without sacrificing comfort.

Jabra explained that optimising the fit earcup cushions and headband padding also helps improve the quality of the active noise cancellation. The Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancellation circuit allows hear-through (hear background sounds even with headphones on), and lets you adjust how much or how little of your surroundings you can hear.

New microphone design

Also new is a redesigned boom microphone. Jabra designed an eight-microphone setup and a triple chipset-powered algorithm, which enables the Evolve2 75 to distinguish between your voice and the noise around you more precisely.

The new boom is also 33 per cent shorter than its predecessor’s and can be rotated to blend into the ear cup housing. Jabra calls this Discreet mode, and it means you can use them as everyday headphones for the outdoors.

But Performance Mode – with the arm flipped down – is the bread and butter of the Evolve2 75. Jabra says that the new headset was designed around taking calls in less-than-quiet places, be it open-plan offices or a corner in Starbucks. In this mode, the Evolve2 75 also meets Microsoft’s stringent Open Office requirements.

Quality-of-life features

With a 30-meter wireless range and dual connectivity (e.g. with a laptop and phone), it looks like the Evolve2 75 enables a considerable level of mobility while on call, allowing you to grab a quick coffee or maybe some documents mid-call. And with distinct ‘Busylight’ indicators prominently placed on the earcups, it’s less likely that family and co-workers will approach you during an important call.

And there’s one less thing to worry about while on a call – battery life. On a full charge, the Evolve2 75 can last up to 24 hours without ANC and 18 hours with ANC. For music, it stretches up to 33 hours with ANC and 36 hours without. Considering that 15 minutes of fast charging can eke out up to four hours of battery life, it’s very unlikely you’ll find yourself in a situation where your headset is ill-prepared for the call ahead.

Jabra offers two ways to tweak your settings: Jabra Direct (mobile and PC) and Sound+ (mobile), so you can pick one that suits you better. Other quality-of-life perks include a dedicated Teams button on the MS Teams variant, Google Fast Pair for Android devices, and administrator device management via Jabra Direct and Xpress.

The Jabra Evolve2 75 ($549) is now available at select retailers. It comes in UC and MS variants with the option for a USB-A or USB-C jack and the choice between black or beige. You can also buy it with the charging stand for $628, but only in black.

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