The Ruark R5 goes piano black with the upgraded R5 Signature

The R5 Signature also features audio enhancements over its predecessor.

by Justin Choo

The new Ruark R5 Signature all-in-one music player is a limited edition run that features a new STEREO+ system design. The successor to the R5 also boasts a Piano Lacquer finish with machined alloy detailing in Rose Gold.

The R5 Signature has a small footprint (142 x 520 x 300mm) and like its predecessor, the R5 Signature was designed to deliver the performance of larger systems in a small package.

But of course, functional aesthetics is a big part of the package, and when it comes to audiophile gear, every little bit matters. For Ruark, they’ve devoted extra time to the finish, which is manually applied, layer upon layer, to ensure that the coating itself is rigid and will not dampen sound. The final coat also rigorously hand-buffed for a glass-like finish.

Like the R5 before it, the R5 Signature uses its trademark RotoDial control system that offers an easy way to control the speaker and adds style to the ensemble. The remote control mirrors the RotoDial and comes with black and Rose Gold trimmings.

The highlight of the new Signature is STEREO+. The R5 Signature uses the same Class A-B amplifier system and neodymium NS+ drivers as the R5 but Ruark has revised key signal paths, the Signature sports high purity oxygen-free copper speaker cables. Ruark’s proprietary algorithm and digital filtering have been updated for a cleaner soundstage with greater depth and realism.

The R5 Signature is priced at $2,799 and is currently available at selected Challenger outlets in ION and Bugis Junction, as well as on online e-commerce stores, Lazada and Shopee.

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