ViewQwest chalks up Speedtest Award for fastest fixed network speeds in 2021

ViewQwest makes it four in a row, in which it relinquished the lead only once in a single quarter.

by Justin Choo

ViewQwest has just been awarded Singapore’s fastest fixed broadband provider by Speedtest by Ookla, making it the fourth year in the row that they’ve won the award.

The Award rubberstamps a remarkable near-monopoly of a run that stretched 15 quarters, in which only MyRepublic managed to finish ahead once.

The award recognises ViewQwest as the most consistent network for the year 2021, where they registered a median top download speed and median top upload speed of 783.63 Mbps and 818.31 Mbps respectively.

For context, Singapore’s download speed and upload speed in December 2021 was 192.17 Mbps and 163.70 Mbps respectively, which places Singapore first out of 178 countries for the month according to the Speedtest Global Index .

The award is based on the latest full-year (January to December 2021) results from a pool of 5,139,331 user-initiated tests. The median results were taken from the big five providers, namely ViewQwest, MyRepublic, SingTel, StarHub, and M1.

Doug Suttles, CEO of Ookla said: “Speedtest Awards, presented by Ookla, are reserved for an elite delegation of network operators that have delivered exceptional internet performance and coverage within a market.”

ViewQwest plans start from $29.90 monthly for 500 Mbps.

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