Prism+ adds a smart fan to its smart home lineup with the Oasis

Prism+'s latest smart appliance features a myriad of control and aesthetic options.

by Justin Choo

 Following their new range of air conditioners, Prism+ has announced a new line of smart ceiling fans. Will they blow away the competition? 

The PRISM+ Oasis is available in two sizes, 46″ and 52″, and you can also opt for a variant without smart features. There are three different ceiling mount colours (matte white, matte black and brushed rose gold) and five blade colours (matte white, matte black, and various wood selections) to choose from, giving you 15 different colour combinations.

The six-speed fan uses a brushless DC motor, which is relatively quieter than regular AC motors and is more power efficient. It also has a 20W Osram LED light built in that can be customised through the Oasis app, allowing you control over the colour temperature and brightness.

The app provides a number of modes, including a Reverse mode, which is especially useful if you use an air conditioner together with your fan. It draws cold air from the centre of the room and redistributes it quickly and efficiently.

The smart version of the Oasis will have two additional modes. In Natural mode, the fan changes speed in intervals of 20 seconds to emulate a natural breeze. In Sleep mode, the fan speed will gradually decrease until it reaches the lowest speed. 

The Oasis app also allows you to set routines, timers, and monitor usage habits. It also works with Google Assistant and is easily linked to your smart home setup.

Pricing and availability

The PRISM+ Oasis is available for pre-order on the PRISM+ online store, retail store and all PRISM+ roadshows. The promotional prices for the PRISM+ Oasis Smart Ceiling Fan and the PRISM+ Oasis Ceiling Fan (Standard) and $349 (46″ and 52″) and $199 (46″ and 52″).

PRISM+ also provides installation services and prices start from $50 per fan (including delivery) as per industry practice.

Additional charges are as follows:

  • False Ceiling with Wood (exclude painting): + $110 per fan
  • False Ceiling with Metal Rod (exclude painting): + $130 per fan
  • Relocate Fan Point with Standard Installation: + $50 per fan
  • Wiring Works and Casing: + $30 per meter
  • New or Additional Switch: + $30 per switch
  • Installation above 3m, below 4m: + $70 per fan

The Oasis comes with a lifetime warranty on its motor, a five-year warranty on parts, and six years of warranty on its LED panel. 



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