Samsung refines the folding phone further with the new Galaxy Flip4 5G and Fold4 5G

Samsung also announces the new Watch5 series along with the new Earbuds2 Pro.

by Justin Choo

It’s that time of the year again when Samsung announces its new Fold phone–culturally replacing the Note–along with the watches.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 5G and Galaxy Z Flip 5G represent the next generation of folding phones alongside the new smartwatches, Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Also new is the next generation of earbuds, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

Galaxy Z Flip4 5G

The Galaxy Z Flip4 5G is the next iteration of the classic clamshell form factor and is marked by progressive improvements in the form of an upgraded camera experience, a larger battery and expanded customisation.

With a new sensor that’s 65 per cent brighter than its predecessor and powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, the camera is no doubt one of the key elements of the new Flip phone.

Samsung continues to leverage the fact that the lower half of the phone is practically a stand and expands on the FlexCam features in this regard–handsfree videos, full group selfies and more; at this point, it’s just a question of how creative we can be. FlexCam is also optimised for most social platforms (the ones that matter anyway), including Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

One of the key perks of the form factor has still got to be the ability to take selfies with the main camera; while it doesn’t have the familiar perspective of the classic front camera, the wider angle and better quality photos will give you plenty of reason to do so. The Quick Shot mode also lets you start a video normally and switch to Flex mode (basically hands-free mode) without stopping the video. You can also see previews of the pictures as you are taking them.

Similarly, Samsung has also expanded on the usability of the Cover Screen, allowing you to make calls, reply to texts or control SmartThings Scenes just from the secondary display.

The battery life has always been a concern and Samsung has worked on this, expanding the battery capacity to 3,700mAh and enabling support for Super Fast Charging (up to 50 per cent in 30 minutes with supported 25W chargers).

There’s no doubt that the Galaxy Flip is all about the design and the new Flip duly delivers. Aside from the preset Galaxy Themes for a more cohesive look on both screens, you can design your own with images GIFs and supported videos for a truly custom look. You can take customisation one step further by ordering a Bespoke Edition Flip from the Samsung Online Store–choose from frame options of Black, Silver, or Gold and front and back colours of Yellow, White, Navy, Khaki or Red for a possible 75 combinations. From what we understand, it takes about three to four weeks to fulfil a custom order, which isn’t bad at all.

Galaxy Z Fold4 5G

The Galaxy Z Fold continues its hero’s journey to becoming the rightful heir to the throne in Season 4 of the New Note Chronicles.

By this time, I’m pretty sure everyone will agree that the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G is, without doubt, the new Note and the fourth iteration continues to push the boundaries of the mini-tablet experience; striving towards one that actually can be a practical workhorse.

Interestingly, the Fold4 is the first Android 12L device; it’s a special version of Android that Google tweaked for large-screen devices so that multitasking will be made easier. This includes little quality-of-life improvements such as a Taskbar, which is enabled in full tablet mode so you can access apps naturally as you would on your computer.

Likewise, they’ve added swipe gestures that enable you to switch full-screen apps to pop-up windows or split your screen in half so there’s more flexibility when it comes to multitasking. Part of this depends on support from apps as well (whether developers buy into it), but at least it works for the core apps.

Well, at least Google and Microsoft have bought into it, and apps like Chrome and Gmail support the key common features that we use often: drag and drop, copypasta copy and paste, and transferring photos. Google Meet now supports co-watching videos on YouTube or playing games together on a video call, while Microsoft Office and Outlook leverage the foldable display to provide more information on the screen and tweaked the UI so that you can interact with content more intuitively.

The Fold4 also sports a new, upgraded 50MP wide angle lens and 30x Space Zoom lens. The larger pixel size on the main camera sensor makes it 23 per cent brighter than the previous generation, and with the help of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC, helps you capture clear images even at night. Like the Flip4, the Fold4 also has unique camera modes like Capture View Mode, Dual Preview, and Rear Cam Selfie.

The new 7.6″ main screen has a 120Hz refresh rate and a new Under Display Camera with a scatter-type sub-pixel arrangement. It’s also less visible compared to its predecessor. And with time comes improved optimisation for large screens; for example, Netflix supports Flex mode– as well as support for non-optimised apps in the form of the new Flex Mode Touchpad.

The longevity of folding phones is ultimately what most people worry about, and though there hasn’t been any major silver bullet breakthrough that will flip the general public’s misgivings on its head, folding phones haven’t been making headlines for all the wrong reasons in this regard, so that must count for something. Each generation brings about some improvements and in this case the phones feature an optimised layer structure for their main screen, which Samsung says helps to reduce damage from external shock. And despite having a hinge, both phones are rated for IPX8 water resistance.

Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Samsung has also updated its top-of-the-line earbuds. It’s 15 per cent smaller and has been redesigned to prevent rotation within the ear canal, making it more suitable for exercise.

It also supports 24-bit audio, but they have not disclosed the sampling rates supported. It does require the use of a Samsung Galaxy device with at least One UI 4.0 for the new Samsung seamless codec(SSC HiFi).

Aside from the now-ubiquitous ANC, Buds2 Pro has a convenient feature that lets you switch between devices with a touch of a finger. And if you misplace them, you can use SmartThings Find to locate them quickly.

Galaxy Watch5

The Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro pick up where the series four left off with a host of upgrades. Compared to the previous Watch, Watch5 has a 13 per cent larger battery, and a sapphire crystal glass that’s 60 per cent harder. Like the previous generation, the new watches are also powered by the BioActive Sensor, which forms the backbone of their feature set.

It combines Optical Heart Rate, Electrical Heart Signal and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis sensors, which delivers a full range of data and health markers, including heart rate, blood oxygen level, and even stress level, along with blood pressure and ECG readings.

The new watches feature an increased surface area, which enables more direct contact with your wrist to improve accuracy. As with health-centric tech, not all features will necessarily be available but the good news is that the blood pressure feature is available here in Singapore.

It does come with a caveat that you need to calibrate your watch monthly with a traditional blood pressure cuff, and that it is intended for users aged 22 and above. It’s the same for the ECG feature, which is also only for users above 22 years of age and not suited for users with known arrhythmias (except atrial fibrillation).

That said, ultimately these are still devices that help you get a better sense of where your health is headed so you can approach a healthcare professional in a timely fashion, so that’s more than good enough.

Other features include the Body Composition measurement tool, which is intended to give you a comprehensive overview of your health and helps you set goals, workouts and track progress. This level of tracking also extends to post-workout recovery, as the watch can give you information such as post-cardio heart rate and offer customised recommendations based on sweat loss.

The Watch5 also has a considerable number of features dedicated to sleep matters. Sleep Scores monitor stages of sleep, blood oxygen levels, and can detect snores. It’s supplemented by Sleep Coaching, which can tailor you a month-long guided program. Other perks include the ability to automatically turn on and control smart lights, air conditioning units and televisions, to name a few, as well as fall detection that notifies the point of contact, which is particularly helpful in the case of the elderly.

The new One UI Watch 4.5 comes with a host of accessibility improvements, including a fuller typoing experience and an easier way to make calls, while updates welcome popular apps like SoundCloud and Deezer and a future update will enable Google Maps use without a smartphone connection.

Galaxy Watch5 Pro

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro shares the same core as the Watch5 but with a few additional enhancements. It’s a watch geared towards an active lifestyle and on top of the enhanced sapphire crystal, it also has a titanium casing with a protruded bezel for better protection of the tech underneath. The Watch5 Pro also features an all-new D-Buckle Sport Band.

Compared to the Galaxy Watch4, the Watch5 Pro has a battery that is 60 per cent bigger, which helps with new features such as GPX (saved waypoints, tracks and routes) that enables you to share information and download hiking or cycling routes. It also offers turn-by-turn directions and a trackback feature to help you return by the way you came.

Pricing and Availability

All devices are available for pre-order and will be released in Singapore starting on 2 September 2022 at 10 am. They will be available at local telecommunication operators (M1, Singtel and StarHub), Samsung Online Store, Samsung Online Store, Samsung Experience Stores, Samsung Official Store in Lazada and Shopee, major consumer electronics & IT stores, Tangs and Takashimaya.

Brace yourself for a deluge of info…

Galaxy Z Flip4 5G and Galaxy Z Fold4 5G

The respective recommended retail prices for the devices are as follows:

ModelColourBuilt-in MemoryRRP
Galaxy Z Flip4 5GBora Purple, Graphite,
Pink Gold and Blue
Galaxy Z Flip4 5G Bespoke EditionUp to 75 variations256GB$1,548
Galaxy Z Fold4 5GGraygreen, Beige, Phantom Black and Burgundy256GB$2,398

Note that the Bespoke Edition of the Flip4 and the Burgundy version of the Fold4 will be exclusive to the Samsung Online Store.

The following Galaxy Z Flip4 5G and Galaxy Z Fold4 5G accessories will also be available to complement the devices:

AccessoryDevice ModelColourRRP (including GST)
Clear Slim CoverGalaxy Z Flip4 5G$38
Clear Cover with RingGalaxy Z Flip4 5G$58
Silicone Cover with StrapGalaxy Z Flip4 5GBlack, White$68
Silicone Cover with RingGalaxy Z Flip4 5GNavy, Pink, Arctic Blue, Khaki, Lavender$68
Flap Leather CoverGalaxy Z Flip4 5GBlack, Peach, Arctic Blue$128
Silicone Grip CoverGalaxy Z Fold4 5GBlack, White$78
Slim Standing CoverGalaxy Z Fold4 5GBlack, Sand$78
Leather CoverGalaxy Z Fold4 5GBlack, Moss Gray$118
Standing Cover with PenGalaxy Z Fold4 5GBlack, Moss Gray, Sand$128
Note Package

(Standing Cover with Pen + 25W Travel Adapter)

Galaxy Z Fold4 5GBlack$138

Purple Horizon Bundle (Pre-order exclusive)

If you adore purple then you’re in luck. From 10 August 2022, this Samsung Online Store exclusive saves you $450 on the Purple Horizon bundle and you also receive a limited edition Micro-Fold Bag by The Paper Bunny (worth $88).

The Purple Horizon bundle includes Galaxy Z Flip4 5G (256GB), Galaxy Watch 5 (40mm BT) and Galaxy Buds2 Pro in the iconic Bora Purple shade. Simply select Galaxy Z Flip4 5G Bora Purple (256GB) and add the combo bundle option to the cart to activate the offer. While stocks last.

Do More Bundle (Pre-order exclusive)

From 10 August 2022, pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G (512GB), Watch5 Pro (45mm BT) and Galaxy Z Fold4 5G Standing Cover with S Pen from Samsung Online Store and Samsung Experience Store and you will be entitled to a purchase-with-purchase discount of $550. While stocks last.

Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro

Can’t make up your mind? Check out the Galaxy Watch5 Bespoke Studio to visualise a design that’s up your alley by selecting the model, size, case colour and strap for up to 96 unique combinations.

Galaxy Watch5 Pro


Black Titanium, Gray TitaniumLTE$798
Galaxy Watch5


Graphite, Sapphire, SilverLTE$598
Galaxy Watch5


Graphite, Pink Gold, SilverLTE$548

Galaxy Buds2 Pro

The earbuds will come in three all-new soft and neutral hues that perfectly complement the new foldables – Graphite, White, and Bora Purple, and will be priced at $328.


If you made it this far–congrats, you really do want to buy one of these, so here’s how to pre-order.

Galaxy Z Flip4 5G and Galaxy Z Fold4 5G

Customers will receive the phone or can collect their devices from 26 August, Friday.

From 10 August 2022, 9 pm

  • Pre-order: Samsung Online Store, Samsung Official Store in Lazada, Shopee and Amazon, selected Consumer Electronics & IT online stores and telecommunication operators’ online stores (Singtel, StarHub)
  • Registration of interest: M1 online

From 11 August 2022, 10 am

  • Pre-order at physical stores: Telecommunication operators (Singtel, StarHub), Samsung Experience Stores, Selected Consumer Electronics & IT Stores
  • Registration of interest at physical stores: M1

From 18 August 2022, 9 am

  • Pre-order for M1 begins

Pre-order exclusives

  • Galaxy Z Flip4 5G: Samsung e-voucher worth $250 and 50% off 2-year Samsung Care+ Screen Care worth $238
  • Galaxy Z Flip4 5G Bespoke Edition: Samsung e-voucher worth $250, 50% off 2-year Samsung Care+ Screen Care worth $238, and free Clear Slim Cover worth $38
  • Galaxy Z Fold4 5G: Samsung e-voucher worth $300 and 50% off 2-year Samsung Care+ Screen Care worth $350

Additional pre-order perks

  • Samsung Care+ Screen Care: total care service, 24/7 dedicated remote support via the Samsung Hotline and Live Chat, 50% savings on out-of-warranty repairs, Extended Warranty, complimentary screen protective film replacement, one-time screen replacement at $100 and more. Consumers who pre-order Galaxy Z Flip4 5G and Galaxy Z Fold4 5G can enjoy 50% off 2-year Samsung Care+ Screen Care at $119 and $175 respectively.
  • Samsung Trade Up Programme: trade-in old eligible devices at Samsung Experience Stores and online to receive an additional $150 and $100 trade-in value respectively, on top of the regular trade-in amount. Consumers who wish to trade in their old eligible devices can do so online from 10 August 2022 or by visiting selected Samsung Experience Stores from 2 September 2022.

Galaxy Watch5 series

Customers will receive the phone or can collect their devices from 26 August, Friday.

From 10 August 2022, 9 pm

  • Pre-order: Samsung Online Store, Samsung Official Store in Lazada, Shopee and Amazon, Singtel, StarHub (Galaxy Watch5 LTE only), and selected Consumer Electronics & IT Online Stores

From 11 August 2022

  • Pre-order at physical stores: Samsung Experience Stores, Telecommunication operators (Singtel, StarHub), Selected Consumer Electronics & IT Stores, Takashimaya, Tangs

Pre-order exclusives

All consumers who pre-order the Galaxy Watch5 Pro and Galaxy Watch will be entitled to a complimentary Samsung e-voucher worth $60 upon successful payment for and collection or delivery of their pre-order.

Galaxy Buds2 Pro

From 10 August 2022, 9 pm

  • Pre-order: Samsung Online Store, Samsung Official Store in Lazada, Shopee and Amazon, Singtel Online Store and selected Consumer Electronics & IT Online Stores

From 11 August 2022

  • Pre-order at physical stores: Samsung Experience Stores, Selected Consumer Electronics & IT Stores, Takashimaya

Pre-order exclusives

All consumers who pre-order the Galaxy Buds2 Pro will be entitled to a complimentary Samsung e-voucher worth $40 upon successful payment for and collection or delivery of their device.

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